Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) affect your WordPress Website’s SEO

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google’s new technique which started in 2015. It promised to provide faster webpage loading, higher levels of user engagement, and better flexibility. AMP provides more than the average SEO update that Google rolls out almost every year without fail. It has become very helpful for those using 3G mobile networks and slower Wi-Fi connections. This technique attempts to make the internet (the websites) accessible to all.

Today, the Accelerated Mobile Pages websites are appreciated for its high visibility and higher organic traffic. One way to see it is that Google has reserved the better share of search list real estate for the websites that employ AMP. It is just another method of implementing a new change that most sites are bound to adopt. Almost all the results that are found on the first couple of ranks on a Google Search Result List are AMP-enabled sites.

  1. Advantages of staying on good terms with AMP

During particular searches, you will notice that the AMP sign shows up next to the search results. This is because Google reserves the most visible places for AMP sites and your website is quite rare to show up here if you have not adopted AMP too. It is particularly important for mobile users. You can think of these as the premium space for all mobile browsers starting with Chrome. And when the competition is between AMP and non-AMP sites, the non-AMP ones will inevitably lag behind.

  1. Have faster Site for mobile views

You may counter this by citing examples of searches that do not use cards. Even though, the position of your site will depend on the extent of AMP acceptance of your site. It is one of the leading signals that Google considers while ranking a website. They had once stated in 2016 that AMP undoubtedly does not influence SEO. However now, experts think that the only way to enjoy the top ranks.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages affect SEO in your Website’s Daily Life

Another very fascinating study shows that when page loading speed increases, the time spent on your website can easily double within a short span of time. The AMP sign is a mark of trust and quality that directly affects the first impression of your new visitors. With AMP on your team, it is much easier to increase conversion rates as well. So, even if you think that AMP does not impact SEO, you need to consider its direct effect on the click-through rates, dwell times and conversion rates of any website.

  1. Learn to optimize your WordPress site to increase the traffic

Over 51% of the internet users have the high probability to click on your website link if it bears the AMP sign in the left corner. At a basic level, it affects everything that a webmaster cares about including organic ranking, organic traffic, bounce rate and conversion rate.

WordPress has adequately come up with the easiest ways to integrate your site with the AMP project.

  1. AMP for WordPress

AMP for WP is another similar plugin that serves the similar purpose. It is a more genuine and lighter plug-in that is more stable as compared to Accelerated Mobile Pages.

AMP for WordPress is perhaps one of the smooth tasks you can perform during website maintenance and upgrade. This website building platform has a desirable tendency of creating user-friendly experiences that provide high value to the sites, and at the same time, require less labour. You can install the plug-in like you would install any other plug-in via the WordPress admin dashboard. The activation process is same, and it does not interfere with your existing website layout.

You should always pick a design format from within the plug-in options. Pick the type of columns you need for your AMP content. For eg. Pages, categories, and posts. Follow this up with the integration of analytics and SEO tools like Google Analytics and Yoast for SEO. Many WordPress users also recommend using All in One SEO Pack for WordPress along with this range of plug-ins. You can keep configuring it and tweaking with it till you find your perfect setting. It comes with the bundle of customization options that make WordPress different when it comes to website maintenance.

If you are a WordPress fan that is all you have to do to give your website a mobile-friendly upgrade.


Adding Google Accelerated Mobile Pages to your site is no longer an option that you can consider later. It is a must if you want to see a steep rise in traffic that converts. It just takes one plug-in to grasp the  newest trends in SEO, that install button is undoubtedly worth clicking.

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