Boost your sales and gain followers on Instagram

If you’re looking for a plan to bring more people into your world to increase your opportunity for a sale.

Here are the five ways you can start using right away to gain instagram followers and boost your sales.

  1. Differentiate your brand and mention it in the Bio Section

Is your product or service competitive differentiator? Is your cosmetic chemical free? Is your food vegetarian? Is your food or drink free from preservatives? Etc.

Whatever makes your brand stand out from your competitor is something you want to highlight in your instagram bio section. This is very important if you want to increase your instagram followers and also using the social media network for new customer acquisition.

For example, Assume that you manufacture food products which are vegetarian If you point out in your bio that you are vegetarian in addition to non-preservatives.

The consumers who don’t care about buying cruelty-free or vegetarian may not find this information much interesting, it surely doesn’t hurt the brand either. At the same time, it immediately draws the interest of someone who only buys vegetarian foods.

Always highlight the points of something that makes your brand exceptional and say it proudly in your instagram bio!

2. Increase the followers by asking for a Tag

Increase your instagram follower by asking your current followers to “tag a friend.”This strategy has numerous benefits. First, it allows you to grow your instagram followers quickly through a friend’s referral. It also helps you to build up your content library.

Through user-generated content allows customers to send in your personal photos. If a photo is high quality and features your brand it’s likely that your brand will post the user-generated photo to its instagram account and tag the photographer. This allows the photographer to get exposure from your brand’s followers and it gives your brand a constant supply of new photos to use.

3. Have an Influencer

One of the fastest ways to grow your brand’s instagram followers is to work with an influencer. You’ll want to select someone who has a large, authentic following. You can do this by looking at an influencer’s engagement rate. Engagement rates vary across industries but should be close to at least 2 percent.

  1. Don’t Always Focus on Your Products

Product photos tend to perform better than lifestyle photos on instagram. This Doesn’t mean that you should always post product photos.

Great product photos can be charming for your current customers, you can draw in new customers by sharing other photos which relate to your products. Product photos are important but all photos that you post doesn’t have to be a product photo. Keep your instagram feed different, attractive and engaged.

  1. Try to attract the followers and customers through discount Codes

You have to know what really attracts in new followers.  Promo or discount codes are one of those. You know that most of the people love to save their money on high-quality products and will follow your brand for promo or discount codes. This is very true if they have already purchased your products.

Apart from increasing the followers, another great benefit of using discount codes on instagram is tracking the sales from the followers. Because instagram posts aren’t clickable it’s often difficult to say with accuracy how many sales came from the social network. Sure, followers can click on the link in your bio, but many may just open a browser tab and go directly to your site without clicking the link in your bio. In this instance, you would never know to attribute the sale to instagram.

However, if you push out a promo code that’s only shared on your instagram feed, you’ll know with better accuracy how many people made a purchase because they saw one of your instagram posts.

Now you get started with these ideas for growing your instagram following, put these ideas into practice. Your follower count will surely break-in to higher followers within short rage.


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