Reasons behind your SEO not helping in increasing your sales

If you are thinking you’re your pouring in over a thousand dollars a month on an SEO strategy that doesn’t improve your sales; you would begin to question your investment decisions, too.

But before you hit the brakes and abandon ship, you have to understand that SEO strategy is a “go big or go home” kind of commitment. It’s not something you can casually do on the side or outshine by a collection of other marketing strategies and expect it to produce strong results.

You should either go all-in with everything you’ve got or given up SEO altogether. If your still here it’s good. It’s time to set the direction of your SEO campaign. But before that, you need to identify the reasons behind your SEO is not helping in increasing your Sales

  • Your Campaign is led by half-baked strategies

If you only have a week “specialist” or team with half-baked strategies and lots of guesswork then there’s no place for the layperson.

A budget SEO services agency might be capable of putting your brand on Google’s first page. But even if they do manage to help you to get one of the top three spots, then they were most likely only targeting unprofitable keywords just to get you excited.

Remember that effective SEO requires an enormous amount of work. It requires a team to be well-equipped and ready to take on even competitive keywords.

Most importantly, they can design a system wherein your SEO efforts can directly translate to sales. And this means they already know everything else on this list like the back of their hand.

  • You wouldn’t have built enough branded links

From an SEO view, branding can be reflected across multiple areas. One of which is the link building — more specifically, the aspect of keyword optimization.

A lot of new businesses make the mistake of optimizing too much for niche-related keywords. As a result, they build an unnatural backlink profile that doesn’t establish brand authority.

Authoritative brands that legitimately draw the attention of online users would naturally amass branded links to its homepage. That’s why you should aim to have at least 80% of your homepage links to have a branded anchor text.

  • You forgot to do branding

In Internet marketing, branding can affect different activities. An influencer is one of it, which aim at benefiting your brand. It describes practices that will let you help the authority and online reach of other experts, brands, and other customers to improve your reputation and boost buyer confidence.

Granted, being on Google’s first page is impressive in its own right. But the increase in traffic you can achieve is meaningless if your visitors don’t have to trust your brand.

A useful solution is to have a relevant and useful content for your target audience. The more valuable and accurate information you freely provide, the easier your content consumers will turn into paying customers.

Another area of the brand building is investing in social media sites. For instance, if one of your posts has earned thousands of likes, shares, and positive comments on social media, other users would become more responsive to your value proposition. Your content’s potential for links would also exponentially increase as more people share and engage it.

  • You Don’t Score your SEO Leads

Remember that brand discovery through search engines are only the first step in the customer’s journey. They may not complete a process of purchasing during their first visit, but you can show them the path to conversion by delivering content that matches their needs.

It’s a marketing strategy that involves giving points to leads whenever they perform actions. With SEO in mind, lead scoring starts by assessing the search terms and links they used to find your site.

If they used a keyword that signals high purchase intent, then it might be ideal to send them off to the quickest path to sales. But if they arrived at your homepage through other branded link, then most likely you need a more proper introduction to your brand’s story and unique value plan.

Always remember that SEO is an incredibly tricky mechanism with a lot of complication. Keeping in mind the fact that SEO can be really expensive; you can’t really blame small businesses who are hesitant to adopt an SEO strategy in their marketing.

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