To-Do List for 2017: Design a Profitable SEO Strategy

While businesses have become increasingly keen about including SEO and other Digital Marketing strategies in their marketing plans, many of them still have not developed an effective SEO strategy. Jody Resnick, founder, and CEO of Trighton Interactive, leads a team of advanced digital marketing and website development experts says the In his experience working with SMBs and multinational corporations over the past 18 years, he has found that organizations might have started implementing a strategy when they last redesigned their website, but typically, over time, it has devolved into little more than a meaningless exercise known to very few, if any, in the organization.

If this sounds very familiar, then it’s certainly time to design a profitable and comprehensive SEO strategy.

What is a comprehensive SEO strategy?

For your marketing actions to be successful, it’s essential for any company to identify its unique value schemes. What sets your products or services apart from those of your competitors? Why should a customer choose to do business with you? What is the essential or basic reason people should buy from you or hire you, beyond the price, years of experience and the services or products you offer?

Once you’re clear on your unique value schemes and goals for the future, you’re ready to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy that will surely build brand authority, drive additional organic traffic and convert site visitors into customers. This strategy will include:

  • Website content that supports your unique value schemes.
  • Specific keywords related to your brand/value schemes.
  • The Website architecture and design that boost search, user experience and conversion rates.
  • A proper plan to develop and deliver original, valuable content across multiple channels.
  • A plan for maintaining and improving your SEO

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