Facebook Messenger Plugin for your Business Websites

If you are thinking as the mode of communications through Emails in the business website is considered to be dull then here the facebook has come up with a new idea of integrating messenger plugin to your business website. As everyone knows the facebook has billions of users and this user-friendly messenger plugin on the websites is one of the smart step taken by facebook.

This application is the newest way for your business and development to engage and reach your customers easily. This allows your business to carry on conservations with your mobile customers easily between your website and Facebook Messenger as they are logged in through their desktops, phones or tablets.

You can create the real-time chat for any of your services. This will be helpful in booking an appointment, asking any query, order updates etc.. Through this a conversation can begin on a business’s website and then easily transition to Messenger, or vice versa, which makes easier for your customers to remain in contact with a business. This also supports the Messenger facilities like payments and rich media.

Messenger Platform 2.2 plugin is available only in the beta version for the time being and soon it will be available on other company websites. If you are interested in using this customer chat plugin to your website can join the wait list by filling out this Facebook form and get notified.

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