Steps to get your Business found on Google

  1. Submitting the Business Listing to Google

Make sure your business appears in Google search results when your target and existing customers are using Google to find nearby store locations. In addition, your business listing will also show up on Google Maps and other related searches, which makes easy for your customers to find you with fewer clicks.

To start this, add your business listing to Google My Business and filling in the information asked by Google.

After creating a listing, you have to verify your listing so that it shows up on Google search results and maps. To do this, you have to confirm that you are authorized to manage the business.

  1. Make sure that you have the Complete Business Information Available

When customers look for nearby locations for parlors, shops, restaurants or any other, they often search for information like business hours. Ensure your company information is complete on Google business listings and also on your own website so customers can find the information for what they are searching for easily.

If you find the business information that is showing on Google searches is incorrect, you can access the dashboard on Google My Business to modify your information. Once you have changed any information it will update automatically on search results.

  1. Track SEO Metrics

You can also see various metrics in Google My Business, related to your customers’ search results, such as the number of views for your business on Google and clicks for your website address.

Moreover, Google offers a free SEO tool called Google Analytics that can track overall SEO and performance of the website.

  1. Increase the Number of Links to Your Site

With a high level of competition for local search, businesses must establish themselves as an authority in their industry by ranking at the top of SERP’s. One of the factors of page rankings is the number of other sites that link to your business website.

  1. Use Pay Per Click Advertising

When business head wants to see fast results for their traffic and revenue, they can switch to pay per click (PPC) advertising. PPC can be an effective tool because your business search results will be highlighted on top pages on SERP’s. It’s not like organic search efforts like submitting your business listing to Google or improving your website SEO, services like PPC are considered inorganic SEO because you have to pay for them.

To start with PPC, sign up to Google AdWords to manage your account and campaigns and you can start bidding on keywords. When someone searches for a keyword, your website will appear as an Ad.

  1. You have to include appropriate focused Keywords on Local Search

Search engine users often type in specific names of the location when they look for nearby stores. To capture this traffic, use an appropriately focused keyword like city names while doing the on-page optimization for your website. This will send a signal to search engines that your business is a right match for customer searches.

  1. Do research on your Competitors

When using PPC, consider a budget for bidding and perform competitor analysis to calculate your PPC campaign costs as the most competitive and high traffic keywords will cost more than the keywords that have low competition. Similarly, use competitor analysis for organic SEO to avoid keywords that are very competitive.

  1. Always try to post positive product or service reviews

The customer giving a review your business can boost your existing among the competition or it can drag down your reputation. Depending on your business there are various sources of reviews to keep track of to maintain a positive reputation.

Also, all businesses listed on Google search results have to pay attention to Google reviews. As an added feature of Google business listings, the number of reviews and a star rating out of five stars of your company will appear underneath your brand name.

  1. Be Engaged with Customers through professional responses

Along with encouraging customers to post good reviews about your business, you can also find how people are engaging with your business through reviews and accomplish damage control through responses. If your business has a negative comment on a Google reviews or any other sites, respond to their complaints in a courteous manner.

  1. Try to invest on sponsored Social Media Posts

Social media networks like facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, instagram etc offer paid services such as boosting posts to increase your follower numbers and page visits. Set your maximum budget and choose the statistics of your audience, including location, age, gender, and interests.

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